What do I know of Holy?

I have had many conversations with people where we have done an awful lot of ‘God is this’ and ‘God does that’. I am convicted by the thought that I might be putting inaccurate words or actions at God’s door. Have you ever seen Shakespeare in Love? It is a very interesting take on the original writing of Shakespeare, but there is a character in the story – a policeman. He is very pious and arrogant and takes his job very seriously.  He works for the queen and he knows it. Every time he addresses anyone he says, “In the name of the queen…” Well, after hearing him do this the entire movie, there is a climatic scene where everything is falling apart and he has finally caught his mouse and he begins his address – except this time the queen is there and she says, “Have a care with my name; lest you wear it out.” I love that line!  I sometimes wonder if I do that to the Father. If I am running ahead of his heart to explain things that I probably should let his spirit explain. What do we know of Holy? God is a great big God with so many characteristics that I have yet to even experience fully. How can I know him so fully as to have all the answers about him? I am convinced that I will go to the end of this life not knowing everything about God. Not fully understanding all there is to know about him. But don’t you want that kind of a god? If I got him figured out, then perhaps I might put him on a shelf to be admired, but not necessarily needed? I like the idea that the God who breathes mercy over me and peace into my spirit and blesses me with good and perfect gifts is a God that I can’t fully comprehend! And yes, I am glad that God is a God that sets boundaries and can hold to them, even though it grieves him when we can’t – and so he gives grace. What do I know of holy? I know it is bigger than me and I can find comfort in that. Can you?

Welcome to my blog! I am blessed because you’re here! Thank you for taking the time to read what the Lord has given me to share. It is the journey of my story as He leads the way...

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