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Research shows that Life Coaching can save and average of 10-15 difficult years! It can improve productivity and stress levels in the work place and at home, too!

What do you want to improve in your life? What transition are you facing that you could use a little help facing and processing?

I am certified in Marriage, Relationships, Spiritual Growth, Parenting, Women’s Life, Stress Management and Health & Wellness.

What is the difference between Counseling and Life Coaching?

To be brief: Counseling meets you at a time when you are struggling with a biological, psychological, sociological, or physical ‘hurt’ that needs therapy to heal and help you function in your present. Life Coaching meets you where you are and helps you better understand yourself and define your goals for your future, while giving you the tools and encouragement to reach those goals.

this is your life

My Coaching Goals

Many areas of life tie into others. We are not compartmental beings, but holistic mind, body, spirit and soul. My goal as a Christian Life Coach is to help you achieve the deeper, fuller, more meaningful life you want!

As a Christian life coach, I can help you find your purpose, establish your goals, identify what is holding you back and help you overcome it and reach your goals!

I coach from a faith and hope-based perspective. My sessions include prayer, personal assessments, action plans and ‘homework’!

Sessions are generally one hour and based on your specific personal goals. They can be in person if you are local or even by phone or Skype! The amount of sessions needed to reach your goals is up to you!

Contact me for a free 20 minute consultation to see if Christian Life Coaching is for you!

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