Let me tell you a Story...


We all have stories. Some have been written down through the ages to be told and retold. Some we live out and tell ourselves.

Stories have the power to enrage, encourage, empower, sadden and fill us with joy. Stories have the power to change lives!

God has a story.

God loves humanity.

God loves you.

We are birthed of His love and imagination and desire to have a family – we are His children – and He almost lost us. Indeed His grand story includes the impossible – actually dying to save his children!

God has a story. God’s story has been written alongside ours! His is a little like the knight in shining armor who tries to save the people from a great enemy who has oppressed them for a very long time. And he finds he must convince the mind-numb people what a dangerous position they are in and how much better it will be if only they would follow Him. But oh the joy when they finally see and come away with Him!

The men and women whose stories were written in the Bible followed the knight. Their oppression came in many forms, but their redemption by the Father changed their lives forever. And their stories have the power to change ours, too!

You have a story.

I have a story.

I married at 19 and am still married over 20 years later! There are lots of stories there! I have three beautiful daughters – each about 4 years apart. There are tons of stories there! I have been trying to learn how to serve God, follow Jesus and figure out who I am since I was 6 years old. My beginnings were hard. My teenage years were hard. And it was all mixed in with bright spots and God moments. I have spent my entire adult life serving in ministry. I’ve shared youth pastorships with my husband, been on worship teams, taught at retreats and services, served as a women’s ministry leader, served on missions trips and written numerous devotionals. But my story is still being written…

What’s your story?


Crystal-Starr has served as Director of Women’s Ministry at woodsEnd Church in Edgewood, NM for the past 6 years. She is a Certified Christian Life Coach. She is currently working on her first Biblical Fiction novel and two devotionals. She is a full time student at Liberty University pursuing her Bachelors in Psychology: Christian Counseling.

She was a finalist in the My Book Therapy Frasier Contest in 2014 and a finalist in the ACFW First Impressions Contest in 2016 for her Biblical Fiction work.


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