Cafe Chocolat Retreat: Fall 2013

Does simply thinking about chocolate bring a smile to your face? Do you want to give women a time to slow down, enjoy time with friends, and grow closer to God? Welcome to Cafe Chocolat! The Cafe Chocolat Retreat Director’s Kit gives you everything you need to plan & lead a sweet retreat for the women in your church and community. Using chocolate as a metaphor for God’s grace, women will taste God’s goodness in abundance through in-depth Bible study, unforgettable worship and fun activities. Your retreat is guaranteed to be an event that will reinvigorate and reconnect women with God and each other. Women will make new friends and draw closer to old friends through fun, relational activities. Women will grow closer to God through Bible study and through sharing with each other. Leaders will glide through the preparation with all the time-saving materials.

Images from Cafe Chocolat Retreat: Fall 2013